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Meeting Minutes – November 9, 2022

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Meeting Attendees
Tom Vanderputten, Keith Loutzenhiser, Mike Beachy, Nick Christofeno, Jim Mock,
Derrick Peacock

Meeting Minutes
The meeting minutes for October 12, 2022 were approved.

  • Fishing Reports
    • Mike fished Corson Park on Oct 23 (5 for 10 shows) and Oct 30 (1 for 2 shows). Small leech patterns and fishing depressions at rocks. Not getting a lot from log jams.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Keith Loutzenhiser submitted a summary report for October 2022. The total account balances
    • are $24,041.09
    • Expenditures: $ 22 to State of Indiana, $1,500 to Mike Beachy (reimbursement for purchase from Don Fiwek).
    • Deposits: $1,092.50 (Membership reimbursement from TU National)
    • Mike Beachy to use LECTU credit card for purchase of reel for 2023 Outing.
  • Corson Park
    • On October 27 th Matt Horsley, Mike Beachy, and Rhonda DeClarie did a walk- through of Corson Park.
    • Matt liked the habitat for year round brown trout fishery and would support a Catch/Release.
    • The NRC has a 2 year backlog for proposal submissions, but Matt suggested a fast track method to have the Catch/Release proposal completed prior to the park opening.
    • The next phase is to meet with the property owners on County Rd. 8, and secure their cooperation.
    • The main trail is nearly complete, and auxiliary trails are soon to be developed.
  • State Brown Trout
    • Matt had previously stated that he would like to have 10,000 Browns for stocking in 2024.
    • Recent spawning of brood stock produced 100,000 fertilized eggs. There will be natural attrition, but the start of the program is positive.
    • The state may provide some of the eggs to the Elkhart Conservation Club.
  • Work Days
    • Mike spoke with Tom Enright of Middlebury Parks about cleaning the river in the Spring Street section (there is excessive timber fall).
    • There needs to be cutting and removal with selective cabling.
  • Fly Tying Sessions
    • LECTU and the Middlebury Library will host winter fly tying sessions.
    • The sessions with be the first Saturday of each month and will be January, February, March, and April. The sessions will run from 9:00am until Noon.
    • The Elkhart Parks Department is interested in having LECTU host a fly tying session at Bonneyville Mill. This would be open for the entire county. The potential is for a large event. This event would stimulate interest in LECTU, Trout Fishing, and The Little Elkhart River.
  • Winter Show Schedule
    • The Heartland Show in Lebanon, IN is January 21-22, 2023
    • The Three Rivers Fly Fishermen show in Fort Wayne is February 11, 2023
  • Tim Flagler Visit
    • Mike informed Eric Graham that LECTU would be interested in sponsoring an event (possibly
    • September 23 rd , 2023) while Tim is already here for the Duneland and SJRVFF events.
    • The venue would be either Elkhart or South Bend. Costs would be split between the clubs.
  • Outing and Adopt-A-Trout
    • The outing date is set for Saturday May 6, 2023.
    • The single event raffle license application has been submitted to the state of Indiana.
    • LECTU needs to reserve the Riverbend Park after January 1,2023 (rental agreement, State -105, and Game of Chance exemption).
    • Letter is ready to be submitted to Middlebury Parks Department with certificate of insurance and request for waiver to sell raffle tickets in the park.
    • Nick Halle (TU National) has been contacted regarding discounted TU purchases (e.g. Ross Reel).
    • Food Service: LECTU may outsource the lunch instead of having members responsible for the food and preparation.
  • Featured Speaker
    • We need to have the speaker selected in time to print fliers and show handouts.
  • H.A.M. Project
    • The Habitat Access Management for the Christmas Holidays (Delivery the 2 nd -3 rd week of December).
    • We will need 9 hams for 6 properties.
  • LECTU Website
    • The website has not been functioning for the past 18 months. LECTU members have agreed to outsource this work. Keith has a possible contact and will report at the next meeting.
  • Library Key Pickup
    • Wayne, Keith, and Mike have been listed by the Library being able to secure a building key for our monthly LECTU meetings. One of them will pick up the key prior to Wednesday of the meeting.
  • LECTU Meeting Place and Date
    • Next Meeting – Wednesday – December 14, 2022
    • NOTE: The Middlebury Library has reopened for normal activities and LECTU will again meet in one of the library conference rooms.
    • Tom Vanderputten – LECTU Secretary

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