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Meeting Minutes – March 8, 2023

Little Elkhart Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Meeting Attendees

     Tom Vanderputten   Keith Loutzenhiser      Mark Holcomb   Mike Beachy

     Jim Mock    Jim Mauck

Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes for February, 2023 were approved.

Fishing Reports

Mike reported catching a very nice brown on 3/8 at The Meadow in high water. It was on a Clouser type fly and on the hang.

Mike also reported fishing for steelhead on 3/7 on Judy Creek at the Isaac Walton League.

 Treasurer’s Report

Keith Loutzenhiser submitted a summary report for February, 2023. The total account balances are $26,432.97

Keith reported deposits for A-A-T of $690 on March 3rd. Cash reimbursements of $78 for printing.


LECTU will review our account balances after the May outing. At that time LECTU will donate to the following: TU Headwaters Youth, Indiana Casting for Recovery, and Elkhart Conservation Club.


LECTU has struggled recently with updating issues for the LECTU Web-Site.

Brandon the LECTU website manager attended the February meeting. Brandon deleted all previous website information, and reset the site in December. After discussion LECTU will not change the domain provider, and use an outside manager.

Brandon will provide a tutorial for Mike Beachy and Mark Holcomb.

Mike, Mark, and Brandon will provide future updates to the LECTU website.

Corson Riverwoods Park

Mike is working with Matt Horsley (Northern Indiana Biologist) to file a Citizens Petition to change the status of The Little Elkhart River at the park to Catch and Release.

Fly Tying Sessions

LECTU and the Middlebury Library hosted the third winter 2023 fly tying session on Saturday March 4th. Due to bad winter weather there were only five attendees.

The next event will be Saturday April 1st from 10am to 1:00pm

Mike Beachy has sent a Trout Unlimited email announcement to all LECTU members.


The Three Rivers Fly Fishermen show in Fort Wayne was held February 11, 2023 at The Classic Cafe. 

Mike and Keith tied flies and Jim Mauck sold A-A-T tickets. $ 370 of tickets were sold.

CITU Film Tour

The Central Indiana Film Tour will be in Broadripple IN on March 18, 2023.

Mike, Nick, and Jim Mauck plan to attend.

Tim Flagler Visit (No New Information-The Below is reprinted from the December Meeting)

Duneland and SJRVFF are working on this event and LECTU would be involved if there is a fly tying event.

THE BELOW information was reprinted from the November Meeting Minutes.

Mike informed Eric Graham that LECTU would be interested in sponsoring an event (possibly September 23rd, 2023) while Tim is already here for the Duneland and SJRVFF events.

The venue would be either Elkhart or South Bend. Costs would be split between the clubs.

Adopt-A-Trout and Brown Trout

LECTU has received news that neither Crystal Springs (Michigan) nor Seven Pines (Wisconsin) will be able to supply brown trout to LECTU this year. These were the only sources available.

Mike has talked with Matt Horsley about LECTU cooperating with the State of Indiana to source Federally raised brown trout, since Indiana has used this resource in the past. Unfortunately this is not a viable option at this time. Matt suggested LECTU donate funds to feed the trout at the Indiana hatchery.

Matt also reported that the state of Indiana is monitoring the Little Elkhart temperature to gain knowledge regarding stocking.

Outing and Adopt-A-Trout

The outing date is set for Saturday May 6, 2023.

The single event raffle license has been issued by the state of Indiana.

Mike has secured the rental of The Riverbend Park Pavilion. LECTU needs to obtain an insurance rider for the event. Mike will secure this before the outing.

Food Service: Mike’s wife will cater the lunch for $400. This would include pulled pork sandwiches, cowboy beans, and potato salad. This would include the cooking, all plates & utensils, and the cleanup.

LECTU would be responsible for morning coffee, and all beverages including water.

Wayne Rogers will obtain the van rental for the river access tour.

Matt Horsley has been invited to speak about the trout program.

Anne Miller (Entomology Book) has been invited for book sales and signing.

Keith will obtain the services of a casting instructor.

Outing Donations

Josh Franklin made prints of The Little Elkhart River map. One will be available for auction.

Don Fiwek donated items will also be available for the auction.

Summer Work Days

The summer workday schedule will be finalized before the May Outing.

Midwest Fly Fishing Show

Steve Mack, Keith, Mark, Jim Mauck, and Tom V., will attend this show to procure items for the May Outing.

The show will be Sunday March 12th.

Library Key Pickup

Wayne, Keith, and Mike have been listed by the Library being able to secure a building key for our monthly LECTU meetings. One of them will pick up the key prior to Wednesday of the meeting.

LECTU Meeting Place and Date

Middlebury Library in downtown Middlebury IN.

Next Meeting – Wednesday – April 12, 2023

Tom Vanderputten – LECTU Secretary